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Smoked Plum and Wild Ginger Syrup


The ingredients from Lindera Farms are raised in a non-interventionist process, they don't introduce anything to the growing process, no chemicals and no fertilizers, just about the only thing done is some grass mowing about twice a year. Basically, they are subject to the whims of the environment completely; think Darwinian farming. The positives of this practice are that you get these stronger, more resilient, more flavorful fruits, herbs, and flowers with no carbon footprint or residual impact to the environment. The result? Mind-blowing.


About: A bold blend of our oak-aged plum vinegar and our wild ginger vinegar, along with organic cane sugar, along with fresh, organic and locally grown Virginia plums with foraged wild ginger. The syrup is allowed to steep before being smoked with a combination of hickory and applewood.

Tasting Notes:
 Medium acidity. Super smokey, zesty, fruity and rich; this syrup is a combination of Applewood and Hickory smoked plums made into a syrup, then aged with a combination of wild ginger and dried Hawaiian pink ginger (that's the name, not the point of origin)


Pairings: The idea here is something that will pair to cocktails where you might use ginger; like a Dark and Stormy, or a peaty scotch like Talisker Storm. However, this is also going to make a great gastrique; a vinegar-syrup savory sauce you typically use on meat. Try deglazing a pan after searing a porkchop with the syrup then pour right over to make a complex, smokey pan sauce in seconds!