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Enamel Ladle Rack


The enameled ladle rack is used to hang up our enamel Ladles, skimmers and spatulas. It ensures utensils are always handy when you need to ladle soup or sauce or lift dumplings etc. out of water or fried food out of fat. The utensil bar can be easily attached to the wall with screws. Has two mounting holes.

Enamel prevents bacteria growth and is resistant to fruit acid, so it is ideally suited to the kitchen. Enamel is made from iron fused with glass at high temperatures. The non-porous, smooth, cut and scratch-resistant glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. Enamel dishes are recommended for those allergic to nickel. Scratch resistant. Prevents bacteria growth and is aroma neutral.



White enamelware, screws for installation not included.



Hand wash recommended. Dishwasher safe with glass washing program. Avoid wire brushes, steel wool, + scouring powder containing sand.