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Bread Ready Gift Bundle


Let us do the thinking for you + give the gift of our Bread Ready Gift Bundle!

This carefully curated Bread Ready Gift Bundle includes some of our best selling products for a simple, yet delicious snack!


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Retail Value: $112


Bread Knife - Boxwood Handle - Stainless Steel - 13" - $36

Hand-forged + honed in a 100+ year old workshop in Solsona, Spain, this Stainless Steel Bread Knife is made to last. Slice sourdough or your darkest, thickest rye with ease. Prepare your favorite sandwich or slice bread to serve with olive oil on the side.


Natural Olive Wood Board, Medium - $48

Known for its durability and rich wood grain, olivewood lends a certain timeless sophistication to any occasion. Perfect for serving an assortment of cheeses, chopping fresh herbs or creating an interesting focal point for your bar or kitchen island, each board features a unique, rustic shape that's enhanced with age and regular oil polishing.

Galardo Virgin Olive Oil - $28


Our organic extra virgin olive oil comes from a female-owned single estate in Sicily, balances tradition and innovation. Crafted with fruit from a single estate.